70) Failed Successfully

Can you believe it, we’re here and on time? Incredible. Such raw power. Join us as our favourite three continue to wreak gentle havoc across Hopewell, delving deeper into their magics with… mixed results. Taro definitely remembers all of the parameters of the necklace job, Nat definitely knows how to get herself out of the pickle she’s in, and Nerium definitely knows how to save Pelleth without giving away too much about herself…

See also:  What’s happening?, do you have the medal, some crepes, Mikasa, there was a decoy?!, and external stimulus.

[TW / CW: Getting trapped in rock, claustrophobia of the Junji Ito ‘That’s my hole’ variety, mention of truth spells.] 

[We also have no middle bit this episode! As always a huge thank you to Rachel Graff for our theme song and other musics, to Orion and his transcribers for their amazing work, and to DNDice and The Secret Cat Shop for their support! Don’t forget to grab their codes from one of our eps with middle bits for some amazing discounts!]

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