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Hello and welcome to The Mortal Path!

Our main campaign, The Mortal Path, features three stone-cold weird “heroes”, anxious lizardmen, magical mishaps, and a very patient DM…

If you’re new to the show and you want to give it a try, here’s the first episode: iTunes | Podbean | Spotify

If you liked that then you can find the rest of the show on iTunes or Podbean or Spotify, or any of your favourite podcatcher apps! We also play a range of systems.

Our current campaigns are:

  • The Mortal Path [Ongoing] – our main campaign played in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, though as of 08/07/2020 we are beginning our move from this system to something very exciting…
  • An Indefinite Inheritance [Season 1 Finished] – our Dungeon World side-campaign (episodes have ‘An Indefinite Inheritance’ in their titles). Dungeon World was written by [REDACTED] and Sage LaTorra. [Since our DW play through, unpleasant behaviour from one of the authors has come to light. We will not be continuing to play this system].
  • The Quiet Year [Complete] – our play-through of The Quiet Year, focusing on Tenbren. (Our TQY episodes have ‘The Quiet Year’ in their titles). The Quiet Year was written by Avery Alder. You can find more information here:
  • The Junkyard [Complete] – Yubi, Kitty, and ed play through The Junkyard by Matthew Guzdial, a brilliant game about children building mech from scraps in the junkyard. You can find this game here:
  • The Steps of the Prophet [Complete] – Gary and ed take this fantastic world-building game for a spin. Written by Charlie Dart this game uses a deck of cards to ask and answer questions about the rise and fall of a civilisation, and what it means to build something. You can find this game here:
  • Gobblin’ Grub [Complete] – Lead by our flavourful GM Gary, join Kitty, ed, and Yubi in a side-splittingly fun game of GOBLINS and BUSINESS as we play through this amazing game by Amber Marie. Gobblin’ Grub is a hack of Grant Howitt’s Honey Heist, and you can find it here:
  • The Legacy of Heroism [Ongoing] – Our wonderful GM Gary takes us back to Tenbren in the aftermath of three very odd aliens. Join Kitty, ed, and Yubi in a wild adventure with new faces and old places as we delve deeper into the mysteries of Tenbren! The Legacy of Heroism is played in the Quest system. Find more info here:
  • And more to come…