6) The Fallen City

It's Wednesday my dudes! And a new episode of The Mortal Path is here!   Once more dragged from everything they know and understand, our three weary and confused protagonists survey the bad new world ahead of them and decide it doesn't look good. A giant structure reveals itself to be some sort of deserted... Continue Reading →

5) The Icetooth Ball

Wahey! It's Wednesday, and that means episode 5 is live! With confidence, tacky costumes, and a new fun accent Taro and Natalia face down their most terrifying enemy yet: mingling at a party. With some very interesting and unique approaches to information gathering, our dynamic duo manage to glean some information from the sinister Elden... Continue Reading →

4) Old Debts

Episode 4 is now live! Face to face with the mysterious Marlo our heroes do what they do best: cause confusion and accidentally cast spells. But the tables are turned when Marlo reveals a connection between herself and one of the three, and a large sum of money is seemingly owed to her for past... Continue Reading →

Mortal Mechanics I

Gary here, human avatar of Natalia in TMP. I also run a game where I get to DM Yubi and do all sorts of mean things to their character. I’d like to share some thoughts on house rules and some that you can incorporate into your own games as well as give you an insight... Continue Reading →

We’re live!

We did it, guys! The Mortal Path is alive and kicking on Podbean, iTunes, and wherever you might find your podcasts! We just want to thank you so, so much for all your love and support during our launch and into the future. We really hope you enjoy the wild ride our "heroes" are going... Continue Reading →

Into Alfallen

A planet locked in place between two suns spins and wobbles on its axis like a yo-yo at the end of its string. Moons twirl around Alfallen like dancers, keeping a constant twilight state in a vertical ring which bisects the planet. There the land is mountainous and cold, capped in snow. A constant winter... Continue Reading →

Meet… Kitty!

Hello, I’m Kitty and I hadn’t realised until just now that everyone else has now written their bio for this blog. I did already compose a hilarious fake biography but Yubi didn’t seem keen to upload it and I will concede they were perhaps right to make that decision. Perhaps we can release it later... Continue Reading →

Meet… ed!

It’s 2018 now, I was supposed to have written this weeks ago. In a perfect world I would have written some earnest piece about collaborative narrative structure and self-expression and had it completed and published in the dying hours of last year. But this is not a perfect world. So, it begins: Part I Allow... Continue Reading →

Meet… Gary!

Hi, I’m Gary. I’m a mid-20s transponster and nerd. I’m a DM, gamer, aspiring game maker (soon™) and a big fan of fantasy/sci-fi and adventure stories. I play Natalia in The Mortal Path. I had my first taste of RPGs playing Mutants and Masterminds with Ed and a few other friends from university about 5... Continue Reading →

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