69) Favours

It’s the most blessed day of the fortnight, new episode day! And what a nice day it is for a nice episode with absolutely no expectations, in which we are all perfectly behaved and nary a raunchy quip passes our lips. Like usual. Join our terrible three as they split up across the city of Hopewell to finish up some favours and call in some of their own. Nat heads back to Hafez to strike a few deals, Nerium delves back into the upper circle to the House of Morgaine, and Taro has a date with the opera…

See also: Remembering things, Clean Mind, plumage, the Ralphus Morgaine route, moon’s wet, Gary you lowered the tone, and take me to the opera.

[CW / TW: Sexual innuendo, ponzi schemes / MLM mention, cursed magic items.]

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