48) Plots and Plans

Near Year, New Us! This episode contains none of the following: puns, horny jokes, and references no one gets. This is a serious show for serious people playing serious D&D, now. This is what you wanted, right? Right?

Nah. We neither. Join Taro, Nat, and Nerium as they get up to their usual shenanigans. They may have been away from Alfallen for almost a quarter of a century, but the world’s kept spinning, and there are answers to seek, jobs to do, and people in prison to visit…

See also: knees and toes knees and toes, when you say ‘north’, sleight of hand, a switch job, BMX Bandit, and it’s new wave art.

[Please be aware although we reference a joke/skit containing Robert Webb, we absolutely condemn his transphobic beliefs and do not support him in any way.]

For the rules of our Fan-Media competition, please check out: www.themortalpath.com

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