2020 Fan-Media Competition Rules!

The rules:

  • Create any piece of media (music, art, playlists, knitted dolls, fanfic, etc) to do with The Mortal Path and post it on the social media of your choice! Make sure the post is publicly viewable with the hashtag #TheMortalPath, and Ping / @ / Tag us in it!
  • Make sure an official account has interacted with it in some way to ensure we’ve seen it! (Like / Retweet etc). If you’re unsure, email us the link at themortalpath@gmail.com
  • The competition will run from 8/01/2020 – 14/02/2020. 21/02/2020!
  • You can enter multiple times but each piece will be treated as a stand-alone entry, unless stated that they’re linked (for example: a set of playlists) and we’ll consider them as a single entry.

The prizes:


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