1) Shelter (The Steps of the Prophet)

Hello and welcome to a very special episode, brought to you by the wondrous ed and Gary! We play The Steps of the Prophet and build a society in Alfallen, trading questions and concepts before turning to the cards for the fate of our settlement…

See also: Dash not Dart, we aren’t cultured people, fuck that answer!, I refuse to play in this space, let’s keep this land boneless, Build-A-Bottom Workshop, now that’s what I call corruption, and One Of Us.

[The Steps of the Prophet is a game written by Charlie Dart (https://twitter.com/Charlie_Dart) and you can find it here: https://charlie-dart.itch.io/the-steps-of-the-prophet]
[You can vote in the Audio Verse awards here: https://audioverseawards.net/vote/]
[And you can join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/9x9D4vX]

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