1) Gobblin’ Grub: Hopewell Edition

Join us as we storm the innocent streets of Hopewell, terrifying and thrilling the inhabitants with our cunning business skills and invigorating Goblin-ness. Three new heroes, three new foes go toe to toe as we face the showdown of the century. Food, sanitation, and more puns than you can shake a breadstick at lurk in this deeply weird and wonderful episode…

See also: Gary’s Unlimited Power, u b knasty, Cookin’ and Truckin’, I was due to start a sentence, The Shriek, HoNk :0), and I slide my croc seductively across the counter.

[You can find Gobblin’ Grub here: https://rocketorca.itch.io/gobblin-grub and follow Amber Marie here: https://twitter.com/rocketorca]

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