We’re live!

We did it, guys! The Mortal Path is alive and kicking on Podbean, iTunes, and wherever you might find your podcasts!

We just want to thank you so, so much for all your love and support during our launch and into the future. We really hope you enjoy the wild ride our “heroes” are going through, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

You can tweet at our Twitter or just tweet under the hashtag #TheMortalPath, you can like our Facebook page or follow our Tumblr, or just send us an email at themortalpath@gmail.com!

If you’re listening to us on iTunes we would be so grateful if you’d take a moment to leave us a review and a rating. These sorts of things really help us grow, and let other potential listeners know we’re worth listening to! As does tweeting about us, making a Facebook post, making a Tumblr post, or any other way of telling someone about us. We don’t have any means to advertise other than people who enjoy the show telling other people about us. We’re just so grateful for every single bit of help we get, so thank you all!

We’ll be posting episode 4 on the 24th of January. Until then, we hope you enjoy the first 3 episodes and our BtS episode!

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