Into Alfallen

A planet locked in place between two suns spins and wobbles on its axis like a yo-yo at the end of its string. Moons twirl around Alfallen like dancers, keeping a constant twilight state in a vertical ring which bisects the planet. There the land is mountainous and cold, capped in snow. A constant winter evening sits over the Ice Ranges.

In contrast, the two sides which each face a sun are hot. On the side facing the sun Vilten, the vast desert of Djaral sprawl beneath the scorching heat. On the side facing the sun Gudal, the small but deep jungles of Seldor give way to the kingdom of Berelen, and on the outskirts of Djaral and Berelen are the two towers Elkan and Tyn, their top floor infused with magic which can send you from one to the other – for a price.

Alfallen has oceans and seas, mountains and valleys. Cities and hamlets ruled by kings and governments. It is a world where travel across the Ice Ranges is difficult, but possible. Diversity is the norm in almost all places across Alfallen, and it is exceptionally rare to find an area where you might not be welcome based on your race, gender, or sexuality. Inhabitants of this world have been exploring since the very beginning, and travel and trade are encouraged in the majority of places.

New people bring new ideas and new things, after all, and Alfallen is beginning its climb towards technological revolution. Engines and electricity exist in semi-rudimentary forms, with most towns having a mixture of generated electric lighting and traditional forms of lighting. Some places with more money and a higher incline towards towards science and machinery have more to show for it, like a rail system or motorised carriages. Art and culture have their places, too. Great instruments with a thousand parts play music constantly through steam and clockwork, and metal sculptures almost seem to come alive under the hands of skilled puppeteers.

There is magic, too. Certain people are born with, or develop, ways in which to use the underlying thrum of magic that exists in Alfallen. But those people are rare, and many will go their whole lives without meeting a magic user.

Those who can use magic are coveted and often employed by large cities, monarchies, or governments to use their skills and knowledge to further the climb towards the future. Magic is melded with machinery, resulting in wonders like the Great Independence, a ship powered by enchanted sails and a hundred scuttling arms which can sail in any direction in any weather. Towering creatures of metal and magic walk the streets of Benth, with their copied cousins stomping through Cindarion, and the Ironbirds of Ataran swoop through the skies with their riders like real birds.

There is always more to discover. More to create, more to write and study and sing and draw and find.

And there’s always someone out there with a vision.

Our launch date is fast approaching! Make sure you mark January 17th in the calendar of your choice, and tune in for the first three episodes of The Mortal Path, along with our special behind-the-scenes episode, Getting Mortal. There’s still time to check out our Twitter, our Facebook, our other posts, and of course time to join our mailing list to maybe appear as an NPC!


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