Meet… Kitty!

Hello, I’m Kitty and I hadn’t realised until just now that everyone else has now written their bio for this blog. I did already compose a hilarious fake biography but Yubi didn’t seem keen to upload it and I will concede they were perhaps right to make that decision. Perhaps we can release it later as an “Easter Egg” of some sort.

Unlike the rest of the cast I am emphatically not in my mid-twenties. I am an ageing fart who has arrived very much late to the D&D party, bringing not much more than enthusiasm and a willingness to make a tit of myself. I am, as you might imagine, inordinately grateful to Yubi and the chaps for letting me join in as their very own Clint McElroy.

As that reference suggests, my first real experience of D&D was listening to The Adventure Zone and being consumed by jealousy over how much fun those good good McElroy boys seemed to be having. In conversation with Yubi, they mentioned that they were planning to put together a game in Pathfinder which I was welcome to join, and I about bit their arm off at the elbow in my eagerness. I was determined to play a Dwarf, and a magic user, and eagerly assembled an Elemental School of Metal Wizard with a constitution modifier of 0, an AC of 12, a tendency to charge into combat, and a spellbook full of impressively badly-chosen spells. I soon discovered that this was not an optimal combination, and despite some extremely generous homebrew, she remains a walking liability for the rest of my poor, longsuffering party.

When Yubi invited me to devise a character for this podcast I was determined to come up with someone a bit more useful. I play Nerium, someone who has only ever really tried to keep her head down and stay out of trouble… we’ll have to see how well she rises to the challenge of becoming an Adventurer. I now have a growing library of 5e books to pore over and I even own more than one d20. I definitely don’t always make very good choices – in life or in RPGs – but I am having enormous fun, and I hope listening to my clueless mistakes will be at least a little fun for some people out there.

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