Meet… Gary!

Hi, I’m Gary. I’m a mid-20s transponster and nerd. I’m a DM, gamer, aspiring game maker (soon™) and a big fan of fantasy/sci-fi and adventure stories.

I play Natalia in The Mortal Path.

I had my first taste of RPGs playing Mutants and Masterminds with Ed and a few other friends from university about 5 years ago. I’ve played in and run a few campaigns on and off since then.

2 years ago I got into podcasts in a big way. I became hooked on Dungeons and Randomness, I loved the scope of the setting, 4 groups of adventurers interacting in the same world, with a cast made up mostly of listeners and an extremely talented and hard-working DM. On a recommendation from a friend I got into the Glass Cannon Podcast. The chemistry of the group is wonderful as are the characters they create and listening to them never fails to make me smile.

I had dinner with Yubi sometime in the spring of 2017; we talked about the idea of a podcast for about 5 hours and I was sold right away. We both wanted (and still want) to try and create something unique: a podcast somewhere between actual play and radio play with large freedom of choice, diversity of characters and small but focused cast with a shared set of ideals about character autonomy, creative and production process, progression, home-brewed rules and contrasting styles that combine well together.

In previous games I have shamelessly meta-gamed, min-maxed and build-optimised my characters because I only half understood that the main thing about RPGs is to create amazing stories, not ‘win’. In TMP I have tried to avoid this, but bits still come through – 2 decades of gaming has trained me to make very effective characters, now I’m trying to make interesting ones. Regardless of what happens when we start releasing episodes, TMP is incredibly fun to make and I love listening to the finished product.

Recording these episodes, and more specifically, playing with Yubi, Kitty, and Ed, fills me with childlike excitement that I never want to lose.

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