79) Punts and Problems

What? An episode the day it’s meant to drop? Vilten must be in retrograde and Gudal in its ninth house of the evening! Join our fearsome three as the mind, soul, but not body melded duo of Nat and Taro take things to a truly existential level and decide to kick it, while Nerium finally gets out of bed and starts doing stuff again. But punts in the dark have strange consequences…

See also: What the fuck happened to your voice, don’t take it all in, a pyramid scheme of voring, thrrrrobbing, it’s all Jackal, and I didn’t know Firbolgs could explode like that.

CW/TW: audio distortion, mashing up of names briefly results in one accidentally sounding close to ‘pedophile’, dick jokes, semi-reanimation / animated dead references, gore references, corpse and death references, mentions of the impact of death and the aftermath.]

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