77) Fast and Furious

Here we are! We’re back after a little break and ready to cause some serious trouble in the world of Alfallen! With a terrifying, invisible, interdimensional creature now tearing up the ghostly realm of the Sanitorium, it’s up to Taro and Nat (Nerium’s taking a gosh dang NAP) to sort out this mess. But the Jackal is a slippery eel thing indeed and tries every trick to escape our hapless heroes. But when it goes beyond the veil, it’s going to take some innovative thinking to track it further…

See also: A lot of people have watched Narrrruto, that’s fucked up man, I’ve not dropped that in several years, no not by the horns!, the jetpack, people always wanna talk about the horns, and I’m not sure I trust him.

TW/CW: Graphic murder, gore, body horror, eldritch / cosmic horror, eye talk, body sharing / possession.

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