67) Problem Solving

We’re here! We’re a week late! Yubi got ill (again)! But they’re back, they’re better, they’re weirder than ever as we dive into this week’s episode. Our dearest darling Findex has gotten himself into a sticky situation, and a bit of sleuthing reveals what they left in the Fallen City might not have been left completely behind. Taro, Nat, and Nerium must work together to help out their friend, and definitely not accidentally harm him with their actions…

See also: The last remaining media, the prooze, a hot night, you can’t say ‘semen demon’ on this podcast, the wizard from the coast, with your miND?, and why do we keep doing surgery.

[CW / TW: Body horror with magic, magic as a mutating and invisible thing, innuendo, magical surgery]

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