64) Complications

Things just keep happening as our fateful three plunge deeper into the night and also plunge blades into those who really did think they had their shit together until Nat, Taro, and Nerium showed up to wreck their whole lives – and deaths. With Nerium at the mercy of the mercenaries (or the mercenaries at her mercy, perhaps…), Taro stuck in spirit-vision, and Nat kicking ass and taking no names, our “heroes” continue to dig into this mysterious group while trying to rescue their friend…

See also: Since when?!, puppy, is this a soul?, Taro’s good out there, nyaa, you’re probably dead, say hewwo to my little friend, and oh I get it!

[TW / CW: Threats, character restrained, stabbing, show typical violence and gore, death from a fall, ghosts]

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