60) Soul Weave

Welcome once more to Hopewell as we delve deeper into the mysterious murder of Lady Belva, may her soul rest in peace in her tomb and–… who the hell is that!? Join Taro, Nat, and Nerium as they cross the great divide and walk beyond their mortal paths into new powers, new worlds, and new secrets. But those in the living world are equally to be feared…

See also: The Belva Bone Hut, I’ve warmed him up, MY BOY, can I just do some ghost shit, oroborus, lower gang signs, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in THAT grave.

[TW / CW: Body horror, gore, death, ghosts, murder, alcoholism, drowning, burns.]

[This weeks episode also doesn’t have our normal middle bit! A huge thank you to Rachel Graff for her fantastic music (https://rachelgraffcomposer.bandcamp.com/), to Orion and the Transcribers for their amazing work (https://themortalpath.com/transcripts/), and to all of you for listening!]

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