59) Connections

Hello hello! We’re a day late (sorry) but we’re here at last, late but resplendent in our tomfoolery! Join us once again as Nat, Taro, and Nerium take matters into their own hands and make some questionable moral decisions in the process. While some find rest, Taro meets a Big Boss and talks business, but the mysterious murder of Lady Belva still needs solving, and with a ghost-whisperer on the crew, the Mausoleum’s the next place to go… [Please be warned this episode starts with some intimidation from people pretending to be guards].

See also: Hard off, gotta find my briefcase, your little ghost boy, animorph hell, a sacred meal, mausoleum houses, and sarcophaguses.

[TW / CW: Police brutality/general intimidation or violence on the part of authority figures, ghosts, death.]

This weeks episode doesn’t have our normal middle bit! A huge thank you to Rachel Graff for her fantastic music (https://rachelgraffcomposer.bandcamp.com/), to Orion and the Transcribers for their amazing work (https://themortalpath.com/transcripts/), and to all of you for listening!]

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