58) The Giant Woman Falls

Welcome one and all to the latest episode of our jolly adventures! Join us as we once more cause a ruckus and find ourselves facing threats of all kinds. The fight rages on as Nat and Nerium face the guards, Taro maybe went to hell with Halloumi Mint for a hot minute, and it seems like someone might have ratted out our trio…

See also: A little throwback, piss indeed, no I’m good bro, oh no ed, I think we went to hell, S/O to Jezza, Big Jeremennie, and the Meat Puppeteer.

[Check out our two amazing affiliates (and listen to our middle bit for the special discount codes): https://thesecretcatshop.co.uk/https://dndice.co.uk/, and check out our fantastic Rachel Graff and pick up some Mortal Path music! https://rachelgraffcomposer.bandcamp.com/ ]

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