53) Treasure

We’re here! We’re back! We’re a day late because whoops! But don’t worry, we have a slightly-longer-than-normal episode with which we hope to appease you! Join our merry trio as we get stuck into some serious shenanigans! Taro and Nerium scheme and bond on their way to Nat’s location, hidden away in the Singing Skull’s smuggling caves on the outskirts of Cindarion. But don’t worry, she’s definitely cleared all the traps, and now there’s only treasure beyond the Blood Chugger’s wildest dreams to claim! Right…?

See also: Sea Walter, not a morning person, I’m showing vulnerability, slow traps, mould earth, a hoard of anime, and book crime.

(Don’t forget to check out https://thesecretcatshop.co.uk/ and use the code TheMortalPath10 for 10% off, and come join us on our discord: https://discord.gg/atQDxaq ! We also want to recommend checking out Rachel Graff’s bandcamp https://rachelgraffcomposer.bandcamp.com/ as on 20/03/2020, bandcamp is giving 100% of proceeds of sales to the composers! All the music she’s written for The Mortal Path is available there, so check it out and grab some sweet tunes!)

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