2) Over Broken Earth [The Junkyard]

Welcome once more to our play through of The Junkyard, written by Matthew Guzdial for the #sadmechjam. Once more we descend into the dangerous Junkyard with our friends Pigeon, Kosmic, and Re:þ as we discover new mech parts, and what it means to be very small in a big world. Fortune doesn’t seem to be on our sides, and our fates entwine – some good, some bad…

[Content / Trigger warnings: alcoholic parent, major character death.]

See also: I promise I’m not cheating, transformer porn, pidGEON, Re:þ’s gonna punch God, Junji Ito Bullshit, a Taro reading, and you’re gonna make me cry!

[You can find The Junkyard on itch.io https://mguzdial.itch.io/the-junkyard and follow Matthew on Twitter @Matthewguz]

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