6) The Fallen City

It’s Wednesday my dudes! And a new episode of The Mortal Path is here!
Once more dragged from everything they know and understand, our three weary and confused protagonists survey the bad new world ahead of them and decide it doesn’t look good. A giant structure reveals itself to be some sort of deserted city, seemingly dropped on its side in the middle of nowhere. With no signs of life and a need for shelter, Taro, Natalia, and Nerium head inside the walls of the Fallen City, but after failing to find much of use within the gates beyond shop signs in an unknown language, Nerium and Natalia are unpleasantly surprised and blood is drawn…
See also: A dropped Minas Tirith wedding cake, God-like stealth, live action Harry Potter roleplay, taking back sad groans, bad fight instincts, nudity nuances, scary daggers, and simmering the fuck down.

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