4) Old Debts

Episode 4 is now live!

Face to face with the mysterious Marlo our heroes do what they do best: cause confusion and accidentally cast spells. But the tables are turned when Marlo reveals a connection between herself and one of the three, and a large sum of money is seemingly owed to her for past services. Without the coin to pay, Taro and Natalia agree to attend the Icetooth Ball to help Marlo gather some information while Nerium decides to do some digging of her own.

See also: Big medallions, 10 whole Gary pieces, cancelling ed’s face, we’re really sorry J. Zugai, swords are dangerous, the Merry treatment, how to befriend old men, and Count Talisar Tarovian.

(No, really. We’re sorry J. Zugai. We love you and your name is fantastic. Please still love us.)

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