18) The Learning Chambers

After uncovering more of Dekza’s plans, the party strikes out into the unknown and down to the mysterious Learning Chambers. Though still coming to terms with their own powers, all feel the effects of a magic stronger than they’ve ever known and some take to it better than others. But Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex’s…

All EDited Out Vol II

Rising once more from the deep, dark vaults of Yubi’s laptop we present a very special gift: All EDited Out Vol II. Are you ready for another round of bloopers, outtakes, goofs, wheezing laughter, and just despairingly awful raunchy innuendo? Boy, we weren’t. Podbean | iTunes | Spotify

17) What Came From Below

Face to face with foe turned friend, our mighty “heroes” make some strange impressions and discover some striking similarities between themselves. But with warnings of danger and pleas for help, Taro, Natalia, Nerium, and Findex must decide whether or not to venture down to the Heart of the Learning Chambers, or leave the Fallen City…

Transcript: 3) On Foot

Thanks to the incredible hard work done by Orion, the third episode of The Mortal Path has been thoroughly and utterly transcribed! We are just so overwhelmingly grateful, he’s put so much work into this fantastic transcript, and we’re so excited to be able to share his work with you all. While he plans to…

16) The Archocrypt

After awakening from their visions, dreams, and meditations our three “heroes” find themselves imbued with renewed strength and several strange gifts. Diving deeper down into the Fallen City Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex discover a way into the Archocrypt and find records of ancient creatures beneath the waves of the ocean this city has teleported…

15.2) Nerium

Nerium dreams and is granted a gift, and an awakening… Podbean | iTunes | Spotify

15.1) Natalia

Natalia meditates and is given a few new gifts… Podbean | iTunes